How I Got Started:

Hi, I'm Brad Green, owner of BMG Miniatures.  I have been a visual artist my whole life.  I've been drawing and making things out of a variety of materials since around age 5.  The world of miniatures has always captivated and inspired me to make various miniature things of my own.  From a young age I had a huge interest in model trains, and still do to this day.  I also had somewhat of a fascination with toilets.  I would have my Dad take the tank lid off of the toilet so that I could watch how everything worked.  My toilet fascination has actually grown over the years. What really propelled it forward was when I, after being given some clay to make something out of, decided to try and make a tiny functional toilet.  That was while I was in college back in 1997.  This first little potty sort of worked, and from that point forward I began improving my design, making it more and more realistic.  After making the third or fourth toilet, I designed one that would complete a full flush with the signature gurgle at the end of the flush.  From that point forward I just somehow knew how to make these little toilets fully flush, regardless of their size.  Studying human sized toilet design definitely helped me.  In 2009 I decided to add a water pump to my functional toilet design, thus making it fully functional.  At this point it not only flushed like a human sized toilet, but it refilled like one as well.  

     In the Fall of 2008, while on a family vacation, I got the idea from my aunt to make a little toilet that would hold a votive candle in the bowl.  I thought, "Man what a great idea!", and made it.  Of course, easier said than done.  The process is quite a lengthy one.  After a bit of trial and error, though, I now have a votive candle toilet that I am proud of. 

    Finally, there is mini toilet number three.  That would be my dollhouse toilet.  I received an email one day from a woman, who is now a friend of mine, saying how she really liked one of my tiny flushing toilets.  She told me that I should make a 1 inch scale dollhouse toilet, because there were not any highly detailed, realistic looking dollhouse toilets available.  After speaking with her for several hours, I was convinced that I needed to make a dollhouse toilet.  I got really excited and started to work.  And again, after much trial and error, this toilet is now available for purchase.  In the coming months I will be making a sink and tub to go along with the toilet as a bathroom set.  The pieces of the bathroom set will not only be available to purchase as a set, but individually as well.

    My fully functional flushing toilets are still in the development phase.  So, once finished and available for purchase, they will be added to this website.  I'm projecting their availability for purchase to be mid to late 2017.